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Do It Yourself Marketing Kit
Business mailing and phone lists


We are affiliated with Onset Marketing, a professional marketing services firm that develops and implements strategic marketing plans and campaigns for small to medium size businesses.

Onset Marketing provides the following marketing services: Strategic Marketing Plans, Target Marketing, Business Marketing, Direct Marketing, Internet Marketing, Telemarketing and Sales Lead Generation.

We provide professional marketing services targeted directly towards helping you achieve incremental clients and business. The bottom-line benefit of our services is a consistent flow of pre-qualified new client sales appointments.

We do this by:

- Focusing market strategies

- Developing differentiating sales materials

- Implementing our Blitz Lead Generation System

(1) As we begin working with you, we perform a Market Audit that: - Focuses on your ideal target market(s), objectives, strategies and activities - Determines problem areas and opportunities - Provides a custom marketing roadmap to improve your strategic marketing performance.

(2) We then develop a custom Strategic Market BluePrint that further defines your ideal business client and target market. The development of this report involves sales team discussions, customer surveys, competitive analysis, strategic target market planning and creation of Blitz lead generation materials. From this BluePrint, we generate a prospect Contact List that we input into our Blitz Lead Generation system.

(3) Our Blitz Lead Generation System involves a structured and timed series of mailers, postcards, faxes, and follow-up calls. We have found this very effective because we are not making pure cold calls. We are calling on very qualified prospects, who we have pinpointed as matching your ideal target client profile, and who have been "pre-educated" on your value proposition. Therefore our success rate to secure interest in your product /service, and scheduling a sales appointment for your sales team, is much higher.

(4) We use proven marketing/sales methodologies. Our two managing partners have nearly 50 years combined marketing/sales experience. We know what works!